Saturday, September 26, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere & Not a Drop Good Enough to Make Coffee.

The most important ingredient in brewing coffee is WATER.

Coffee is 98% to 99% water. Start out with crappy water and you will have crappy coffee no matter how much you paid for your beans. Most municipal water companies like to tell you how pure their drinking water is. What makes pure drinking water? Chlorine! We sure don’t want chlorine in our coffee water (I don’t want it in my drinking water). So if that is the case what do we do? Either filter your coffee & cooking water or buy Spring Water. Please note; if you have a water softener the calcium that is exchanged for sodium is good for doing laundry, bathing and dishwashing, not good for making coffee.

There are lots of faucet type filters on the market. I use a Pur I bought at Lowes. I have also owned a GE reverse osmoses system that I thought was the best filtering system. A disclaimer, I am a retired GE guy. Any system that removes impurities from the water is better than none. Good quality water will make a marked difference in the taste of your coffee.

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The next Blog will be on coffee filters. Don’t miss it.


Ray T. Hanson said...

Is my well water good enough to make coffee? There is no chlorine, but has some calcium.

Coffee Guy said...

Mr. Hanson:

Some well water is OK. If your water tastes good,has no smell & is clear I would say it is OK.

If you are in doubt buy spring water.

You might consider a test, make one pot with spring water and one with well water and see if you find a difference in taste.

I hope this helps. Please let me know your results.

Logan, for Arnold

Anonymous said...


Greetings! We use the water out of our GE refrigerator dispenser. Do you think that is filtered? I don't know these things. :)

Kathy Welter

Coffee Guy said...

Any filtered water is better than tap water. You must change the filter cartridge regularly to be sure you are getting max filtration.